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What sort of fantasy is it anyway?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Bubble Bubble Witch in Trouble differs in several ways from other fantasy novels you may have read.

  • This novel takes place in the small town of Maplewood rather than in a city

  • Maplewood, one of the few places with enough magick to matter, hides in plain sight in a forgotten corner of Connecticut in the modern world we live in

  • The romantic subplot enriches the story instead of driving it

  • While most urban fantasy novels use the first person point of view, this story utilizes the third person limited point of view

  • Tat McGee, the novel's hero, is the only viewpoint character

  • The likeable cast of characters features eccentric witches and goblins rather than fearsome vampires and werewolves

  • The story does not include explicit profanity, sex, or tattoos

  • The reader sees little onscreen violence

  • The setting is charming and fun

  • The novel should appeal to the age groups of teens and older

Bubble Bubble Witch in Trouble is borderline urban fantasy. It falls in the overlap between contemporary fantasy and cozy fantasy as shown below.

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