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Mike Signor


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Now Available

Bubble Bubble
Witch in Trouble 

A young graduate student must regain her magick after she tumbles into a life of wonder…

The small town of Maplewood and its magick hide in plain sight in modern Connecticut. After finally recharging, the Maplewood Seat will wake and recruit a Holder to magickally protect the town.


Tat McGee moves to Maplewood for a juicy summer job. Once the Seat drafts her as its Holder, she badly needs the witch magick her mom had dealt away. Tat must take up and master her magick while under hostile fire. Introverted to the max, she must enlist local family, friends, and allies.


Maplewood’s economy and population had plummeted since the previous Holder’s sudden death a decade before. The town’s magick had dwindled for generations. Tat must rescue Maplewood while building a new life for herself.

When spectral enemies descend on the Holder’s mansion, can Tat and her budding team last the night?

If you like your urban fantasy with a cozy small-town vibe, you’ll love Bubble Bubble Witch in Trouble.

Visit Amazon and escape to magickal Maplewood!

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Mike 2015-Oct Ac.jpg

About Mike Signor

Mike Signor is the author of Bubble Bubble Witch in Trouble. His day jobs revolved around developing software applications in support of business processes.


Mike has read more than ten thousand novels in various genres. With a life-long love of speculative fiction, he decided to write an urban fantasy novel set in contemporary small-town Connecticut. He lived in Connecticut for three decades before dragging his wife and son to Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.


Mike is hard at work on the next Tat McGee novel. Please visit Twitter for details.

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